HIV Has Changed

Today, HIV is a treatable, long-term condition and with the right treatment and care, people living with HIV can lead full and healthy lives.But a lack of awareness or misconceptions can mean that people fear HIV and judge people living with HIV.

HIV Has Changed was launched on 7th September 2017 in Manchester. Our mission is to tackle stigma as well as overcoming any fear associated with being tested for HIV.

About HIV

HIV is a virus which infects the body and attacks the immune system. HIV cannot live for long outside the body and the main route of HIV transmission in the UK is unprotected sexual intercourse (i.e. without a condom). HIV does not exclusively affect certain groups of people and if people living with HIV are on effective treatment, which keeps the virus under control, the risk of HIV transmission is negligible. 

Knowing your HIV status is important; in the event that you are HIV positive, you can start life-saving treatment, lead a normal life and prevent onward transmission of HIV.

About HIV testing

A simple test will let you know if you have HIV or not. It is very easy to get an HIV test in the UK and there are now lots of options of where you can take the test.

Find your local HIV testing centre:

NHS Choices

Or, you may also be eligible to order a free home test kit:

Test kit

HIV Has Changed is about realigning public perception of HIV with the reality today.

Treatment has come such a long way, but there’s still a social stigma and widespread misunderstanding of HIV to tackle.

As such, HIV Has Changed focuses on education. Launching with a vibrant, thriving representation of HIV (that takes the form of a 10ft tall, floral sculpture), the campaign challenges common misconceptions about the condition. 

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